Upgrading WordPress

Talk about a cobweb, I checked on my WordPress version info and this site was running WP 2.0.4 (or some crap like that). I use Hostgator and I figured I would just allow the Fantastico Deluxe module do the upgrade. Yeah, that worked…NOT.

The upgrade said it worked and when I viewed the site, it was porked. I got a few upgrade.php errors and finally realized I needed to start from scratch to rescue the site.

How did I fix it? Easy.

1. Download WP 2.8.5
2. Extract to my hard drive
3. Start my FTP program
4. Upload the WP-Admin, WP-Content, and WP-Includes folders from my hard drive to my hosting folders
5. Try to log-in (wp-admin.php)
6. When prompted to upgrade the database, do it.
7. Upgrade completes, site back online

Easy enough eh?

Murphy’s Law of Upgrading — any automatic upgrade won’t

I slapped up a new theme. Kinda cool. The biggest laugh is that the site is NOT #1 for the term nextebizguy.com or nextebizguy.

Love it.

Ezinearticles and traffic

Admittedly, I’ve been more than skeptical that an article on ezinearticles.com would produce traffic. With millions of articles already on the site, how could “my” article ever find the light of day? So, being part of the 30 day challenge, I opted to follow through with their techniques and write just ONE article with no hopes of success.

One day I sat and wrote a 295 word article for one of my sites. The article will not win a Pulitzer Prize, but it wasn’t trash either. I think it took me a total of 20 minutes. The majority of the time was spent signing up as an author.

I submitted the article and had it reviewed by their editors within two days. The article went live on 30 Aug 2007 and I was named an “expert author”. To date the article was viewed 319 times and I’ve received 25 site visits. These visits spend 4.22 minutes on the site and view 2.25 pages.

This is just one article. What if I wrote nine more? You get the picture. From my brief experience, I would definitely recommend you write a few articles to support whatever site you’re working on.

30 Day Challenge: Day 30

To send us out with a bang, the 30 DC team gave us some last bits of content. The teaching covered Dan’s method for building an empire around the key phrases. Ed finished off with a podcast about where to go from this point. Overall, I’m glad I participated.

As for me, I think I made 20 cents from Adsense clicks. I didn’t win the challenge by making ten dollars in 30 days. Lots of others didn’t do it either. My hunch says a small minority of those participating actually won the challenge. There were a few huge winners (like 7,000 dollars) but those were the exceptions.

Ed and crew will keep the forum going and say they’ll be adding more content about making products in a week. I would recommend you check out the site and the materials if you have any desire to try and make a few bucks online.

For me, the best part was making new friends on Facebook. Building a team of people to talk with is really helpful in staying on target and motivated.

The techniques work for traffic. Taking what I’ve learned I’ve been able to get a site ranked in Google in two hours and now that site gets good traffic in only three days. If you apply the web 2.0 techniques to a site with content people want, you’ll be successful.